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The Biggest Debate When It Comes To Buying Engagement Rings In Sydney

The Biggest Debate When It Comes To Buying Engagement Rings In Sydney

We took to the polls one of the most unspoken topics when it comes to buying your dream engagement ring!

And here we go! The topic is, Should the girl be involved in the engagement ring process, or should they be completely surprised? So we had two identical twins by the name of Yasmin and Bianca come in to put it to the test. Watch the YouTube video below to see the heated debate.

Twin Bianca said, “When we get engaged to she wants the whole thing to be a surprise that includes the engagement ring” on the opposite side we have Twin Yasmin stating “ I want to go shopping when I get an engagement ring and then the proposal to be a surprise.’
In the polls, 85% of our Instagram audience voted in favour of twin Bianca’s opinion. A lot of ladies would love to be surprised! However, after the last 5 years, we have seen quite the

Twin Yasmin in real life is correct! In theory, every girl would love to be surprised; however, a lot of girls are concerned that their partner will choose them the wrong engagement ring! This can be eliminated by sending him photos from our Instagram or website.

The poll is the most contradicting poll we have ever done because when it comes to the crunch, Yasmin is the actual winner! 85% of couples are now coming together to choose their dream engagement ring, whereas 15% of men are coming in to surprise their partner completely. Usually, however, they have an indication as to which style of engagement ring they want as their partner has sent across precisely what they want eliminating coming in together.

So where do you stand on this topic? Which would you choose Twin Bianca or Twin Yasmin?

Aris, the director of Armans Jewellery, also agrees with Twin Bianca. The reason which he states is “It is the one gift I can surprise her with without her absolutely not knowing a thing about, about what style or when the proposal is coming. If you are shopping together, then she knows that one day she will eventually be getting engaged, so the whole surprise element is there. Ok, I understand that it is a very tough choice when selecting the ring of your dreams however at the same time try and get as many hints and photos as possible, so you don’t have to come in together, that is only if you want a complete surprise”.

Whatever your take is, choose wisely as you will be wearing that engagement ring forever!

In hindsight, if you reversed the course of time ten years ago, the roles were reversed 85% of decisions were solo, the reason for the complete reverse is because of social media. This is due to social media.

To choose your dream ring from Sydney’s leading jeweller book an appointment with us today.

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