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White Gold vs. Platinum

When choosing your metal colour there are multiple preferences. Here we discuss the differences between the two.

White Gold
All Gold is naturally yellow in colour in its purest form. Pure Gold is a soft metal and is mixed with alloys/metals to strengthen it for everyday wear. These alloys/other metals can change the colour from yellow to an off-white colour. The other metal used is palladium. The metal is then coated in a solution called rhodium plating to give the white appearance, which eventually over time and after wear and tear which will rub off and needs re-plating to restore the white colour which is generally $90.00.

Platinum on the contrary is a pure white metal and does not tarnish whatsoever. It does however get scratched over time and will require polish to restore the shine.

Platinum is a denser and heavier metal which is typically more expensive and more labour is used to hand make pieces my Mr. Arman himself.