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Emerald Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Discover a world of everlasting beauty with our captivating collection of lab grown emerald engagement rings. Each creation is a testament to the artistry and precision involved in crafting the perfect symbol of love. The sleek lines and elongated silhouette of an emerald cut lab diamond ring exude sophistication, seamlessly capturing the essence of both contemporary elegance and timeless charm.

Types of Emerald Cut Lab Grown Engagement Rings

Selecting a lab grown emerald cut engagement ring represents a timeless and refined choice, celebrated for its elegant aesthetic. At Armans Fine Jewellery, a diverse range of lab grown emerald cut diamond ring styles awaits you, each meticulously crafted to highlight its distinct features.

Whether you’re drawn to the classic simplicity of a solitaire lab grown emerald engagement ring, the captivating charm of a halo lab grown emerald engagement ring, or prefer the added brilliance of side stones in our trilogy lab diamond emerald engagement rings, our collection presents an array of choices to complement every style and preference.

Custom Emerald Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Choose a lab created emerald cut diamond ring style online or work with our expert artisans to design a bespoke lab grown emerald cut diamond engagement ring. Each lab created emerald engagement ring reflects your unique love story, destined to be a cherished heirloom for generations to come, so let us create your dream lab grown engagement ring. Send us an enquiry online, book an in-store appointment at our Sydney Jewellery store, or learn more about our custom designed engagement ring process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets emerald cut engagement rings lab grown apart from other cuts?

Lab grown emerald cut engagement rings are distinguished by their unique rectangular shape with cut corners. Unlike round brilliant cuts, emerald cuts feature a step-cut faceting pattern, emphasising clarity and creating a hall-of-mirrors effect. This cut offers a timeless and elegant aesthetic, perfect for those who appreciate a blend of modern and classic styles.

Are emerald cut lab created diamond engagement rings suitable for all hand shapes and sizes?

Yes, emerald cut lab diamond engagement rings are known for their versatility. The elongated shape of the diamond can create the illusion of longer fingers, making them a great choice for individuals with smaller hands. Additionally, the rectangular design can complement a variety of hand shapes, offering a balanced and graceful appearance.

Do lab grown emerald diamonds significantly impact the ring's overall brilliance?

While emerald cut lab diamonds may not exhibit the same level of sparkle as round brilliant cuts, they are prized for their understated elegance and unique play of light. The step-cut faceting emphasises clarity over brilliance, creating a subtle and sophisticated glow. The choice between cuts ultimately depends on personal preference and style.

What are popular settings for lab diamond emerald cut engagement rings?

Popular settings for emerald cut lab grown engagement rings include solitaire settings, which showcase the diamond's clean lines and simplicity. Halo settings, featuring a circle of smaller diamonds around the centre stone, add a touch of glamour and enhance the overall brilliance. Additionally, three-stone settings and vintage-inspired designs are common choices for those seeking a more elaborate look.