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Demi Lovato’s engagement ring without the price tag!

When Demi Lovato announced her engagement, all eyes went to her ring, a stunning trapezoid diamond piece. As Demi and Max took to Instagram to share their engagement, the beautiful ring became all the talk in the comment section, millions of people praising the cut, carat and clarity of such a wonderful ring. 

The ring has all the glamour, grace and poise fit for a queen, like Demi herself.

Demi’s ring became one of the best celebrity engagement rings of 2020 so far, the diamond shining in the rough of the tumultuous year 2020 has been.

 Not long after this beautiful ring was showcased to the world, Armans were approached to design a ring to replicate the style and glamour of Demi’s, whilst having its own unique flair. Using Demi’s ring as our model, Armans have created a piece as impressive, with the same iconic 1.3 CT Emerald trapezoid diamond style. 

This ring is in a two tone rose and white gold band which highlights the elegant 1.3 CT Emerald and accompanied by side trapezoid diamonds.


And just like Demi Lovato, you too can have a ring as stylish that you will treasure for the rest of your life. As proven by Demi herself, it is the perfect ring to celebrate your love with your partner and seal your engagement. This ring is also the most remarkable gift for any occasion and can compliment anyone who wears it. 

Designed using our certified, high quality diamonds and impeccable craftsmanship, you can have the confidence that this ring is the real deal.

For only $20,000 you too can have this beautiful 1.3 CT Emerald ring, one that we are proud to to showcase. 

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