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The Best Engagement Ring Shapes of 2020 According to Sydney.

So, this month, I took to my audience on Instagram and asked which is the sexiest diamond shape. The results were unbelievable and even shocked me!

Before we jump into this topic, I will let you know there are ten different shapes you can choose from before you select your engagement rings.

In no necessary order, there is the oval cut diamond, the radiant diamond, the round diamond cut, the pear cut diamond, the cushion diamond cut, the marquise cut diamond, the asscher cut diamond, the emerald cut diamond and LASTLY, the heart diamond.

So, after digesting all the different shapes, did it run across your mind which the ladies are loving the most? Well, here it is!

1. The Radiant Cut Diamond

The radiant cut is the most underrated diamond to ever be invented, considering it was created in 1977 and has only come to the centre stage in the last three years.

Usually, a diamond shape that is not advertised will go unnoticed to the shoppers, so they do not know it even exists. What I mean by this is that usually, a celebrity will get engaged and the demand for that shape will go through the roof!

However, the radiant has done this by itself. Not one high profile celebrity has flaunted the radiant cut diamond.

With Armans’ stunning radiant diamond designs, we have propelled this cut in the stratosphere. We have seen an explosion in radiant cut sales not just due to the amazing designs, but also because the radiant boasts over 70 facets, so the sparkle is truly something special.

Will it supersede the number one seller? Only time will tell.

I never forgot how I served a lady who said she wanted the shine of an oval but loved the look of the emerald, but there was nothing between. And when I introduced her to the radiant, she was blown away. She didn’t even know it existed! She fell in love – and best believe it, in that moment, she walked out with a radiant!

2. The Oval Cut Diamond

This has been the number one seller for the last two years, with the radiant catching up quickly.

We have found that A-list celebrities like Blake Lively and Hailey Bieber have contributed to the vast demand of ovals, which has shined this cut into the limelight. This is the only other diamond shape to ever beat the round in terms of not just sales, but also a new style when it comes to a classic look.

If you rewind the clock five years ago, no one ever asked for an oval. But today, it looks like it has not run out of steam at all and will continue to dominate for many years coming.

3. The Pear Cut Diamond

Another cut that has emerged in vast popularity is the pear cut. Contrary to the oval, it is asymmetrical.

This diamond shape is best suited for ladies who have a more tapered finger – being thicker and then thinner. I am not surprised the pear has come in at 3rd place seeing as the likes of Cardi B, Arianna Grande and Paris Hilton have all been recently engaged with these. They have been amongst those extremely high in demand in Armans Signature Seamless Halo setting as of late.


4. The Emerald Cut Diamond

Every diamond shape other than the round cut is considered a fancy cut diamond. However, I personally like to claim the emerald has it own class.

Now, the reason for this is because it does not give off the same brilliant sparkle as the other cuts do. You can physically see each facet of the emerald so the diamond is more distinct, especially when it is set in one of Armans Signature Halo designs as it does not sparkle like the diamonds around it do.

This is what adds to its uniqueness. What makes the emerald even more unique is that because of its step cut faceting, it makes the blemishes more obvious. So naturally, the clarity needs to be increased or the blemishes will not be as visible as compared to any other shape.

The emerald has been a long time classic, making it an alternative to the classic round. JLo’s recent engagement has sparked a significant number of enquiries in respect to the emerald.

5. The Cushion Cut Diamond

If you rewind the clock five to six years ago, the cushion would have been ranking number one easily. However, it has lost its once popular demand. The cushion cut was the “IT” diamond.

As mentioned before, some shapes take on popularity due to high end celebrities bringing that shape into the limelight. Kim Kardashian, the biggest A-list celebrity that the world knows about her engagement to Kanye West, set the trend in this stone. They are still incredibly popular, but it has dropped from what it once was.

The cushion is an amazing stone as it takes on three different shapes – rectangle, square and even in between the two. The cushion diamond has a crushed ice appearance when you investigate the stone’s sparkle.

6. The Round Cut Diamond

When you think about diamonds, what is the first shape that comes to your mind? I bet you had answered round. Even your iPhone emoji thinks it!

This is because the diamond saga all started with the round cut. It was the first diamond to capture the eyes of all you ladies, and until this day, keeps its momentum.

When they say, ‘diamonds are forever’, it should really be ‘rounds are forever’. This is the only diamond to have its own official cut grade making. It is also the only cut to be completely symmetrical, thus, why it sparkles the most.

70% of worldwide diamond demand comes from the round cut which also makes it the most expensive diamond out of all the others. It appears, however, the round diamond is nowhere near as popular as before, considering how much other diamond shapes have exploded over the scene in the last six years.

7. The Marquise Cut Diamond

The marquise cut sometimes gets pear diamond lovers confused due to the apex of both sides being sharp. With its curvy body, it makes it a beautiful shape for those who are torn between a pear and an oval.

The marquise makes a beautiful shape for those with elongated fingers. Sometimes, the marquise diamond is not just set vertically but horizontally as well, especially in a bezel set, giving off an art deco feel.

Some even consider the marquise to look like the evil eye to guard off from evil spirits. Whatever the reason you love the marquise, it makes it an incredibly unique shape which not many people have. It is yet again another shape that has not been propelled by an A-list celebrity.

8. The Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut, similar to the round, have been the most sought out diamond in the world. From the year 1990 -2014, it was a frontrunner, along with round. They were on the top of the pedestal.

And then bang! One day, the enquiries for princess cut diamonds had dropped off completely. This is because of the rise of the cushion cut. With its similar square shape, it has come to supersede it. The princess cut diamond sparkles very closely to a round diamond, but obviously, the shape being a complete square.

9. The Asscher Cut Diamond

When we think of art deco and vintage, the Asscher diamond pops into mind straight away. This diamond is also known as a square emerald. It has the same faceting, but instead of a rectangle, it is a square. It is also known as the ‘hall of mirrors’ for its clean lines.

This diamond, just like the radiant cut is another one that I consider an incredibly underrated diamond that deserves to be on the hands of lots of ladies if they only knew about it. It has recently come about due to the movie Great Gatsby. However, is has not been sought out much. I hope this is one that can be in the top five one day.

10. The Heart Cut Diamond

Unfortunately, being the most unusual cut of diamond there is, the heart sits at the bottom of the list and has been for an exceptionally long time.

It seems like the heart diamond, for some reason, has not rose or caught the attention of the public. Even with Lady Gaga’s recent engagement, there were no spikes in enquiries. Hopefully, it is a shape that gets some much-needed love soon – excuse the pun


Whatever shape you choose from the top 10, do not listen to what the trends say. Get a diamond shape that best suits you. Because at the end of the day, you will be stuck with it forever. So please choose wisely!

My personal recommendation to you is to try it on. I have seen time and time again where a girl loves a certain shape on social media, but when she puts it on her finger, she doesn’t love it anymore. Therefore, I cannot stress to you ladies, just like your partner knows, you are the only one who can make sure the ring is ‘THE ONE’.

For your very own Armans diamond ring, book an appointment here.

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