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Famous Diamonds From Hollywood Films

Famous Diamonds From Hollywood Films

Hollywood has captivated the viewership of many for several decades now. The greatest and brightest stars have been shining on the big screen. It hasn’t just been celebs that have been gleaming, however. Hollywood has also showcased some of the biggest, brightest and most alluring diamond jewellery pieces ever devised.

Let’s dive into a lustful list of the 10 most amazing diamond pieces from film.

1. Ocean’s 8

The latest instalment of the Ocean’s franchise sees an all-female cast and a lot of daring fashion choices. In the film was a diamond necklace that was planned to be (and eventually) stolen.

The diamond piece was valued at $150 million and is based on a real diamond necklace from 1931. It is designed by Jacques Cartier originally for a man: the Maharaja of Nawanagar.

In the movie, it appears as a white diamond necklace, but in reality, the jewellery was said to contain blue diamonds, too. Sadly, the real life piece has since been dismantled and the stones were used for other settings.

The jewellery piece features a large cushion cut centre diamond, accented with pear-shaped, brilliant round and emerald cut diamonds and set in a white gold chain. Truly a stunner and would have looked even more amazing when originally conceived.

2. Titanic

The heart of the ocean is a blue wonder! It is a fictional piece but inspired by a real gem: the Hope Diamond. The necklace in Titanic is a vibrant blue diamond cut in an almost heart shape. It has white diamonds encrusted around it which are all set in a white gold chain.

The Hope Diamond, the inspiration for the iconic piece, is one of the most famous diamonds to exist. It is a huge 45-carat blue diamond with an estimated value of over $250 million. Seeing the portrayal on the big screen was spectacular and makes it one of the most amazing diamond pieces.

Blue gemstones make an impressive centrepiece or addition to diamond engagement rings or earrings.

3. Moulin Rouge

The necklace from Moulin Rouge weighs almost half a kilo and has over 1,300 diamonds on it!

As the movie is set in the 1800’s, it certainly was a time of grand jewellery—and this necklace is testament to that.

This whopper was specifically designed and crafted for the movie. It features white diamonds and 18k white gold. The large 5-carat emerald cut diamonds are placed around the front while a blue sapphire accents the clasp. Various smaller diamonds are set throughout the design to appear as wreaths and flowers.

Because of its grandeur, this necklace had its own double for the film. It was even personified by fellow cast members! Even after the filming concluded, the diamond necklace went on tours and press conferences.

However, it’s perhaps not something a woman would wear every day. Well, except if you want to attract attention. You’ll need your own body guard roaming the streets wearing a necklace like this, but isn’t it worth having?

4. Sweet Home Alabama

Standing in a large jewellery store, Andrew (Patrick Dempsey) turns to Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) and says, “pick one”. She opts for a simple yet beautiful round cut diamond solitaire ring which went on to become one of the most iconic engagement rings.


Having the girl outright choose her own engagement ring is not desirable to most. Ladies like it better when their future husband designs or picks one based on their hints and suggestions. In this way, he is involved in the process. Nonetheless, Melanie knows how to pick amazing rings, so maybe it was best she did the deciding.

If you are searching for diamond rings in Australia, look no further than Armans Fine Jewellery. We not only have an extensive collection, but we will work with you through the whole journey of designing and crafting the perfect piece to ensure your engagement ring is truly one-of-a-kind.

5. Crazy Rich Asians

This glorious engagement ring fits the entire feel of the movie Crazy Rich Asians. There was so much splendour in the film—and of course, the family engagement ring was one of the main treasures.

It is a large emerald cut emerald, with two pear-shaped white diamonds on its sides. The ring is even more astounding because the emerald is flawless which is very rare. This piece was not made for the movie but is actually from the private collection of Michelle Yeoh, who plays Eleanor in the film.


The vibrant green gem is a very suitable colour for the actress both in real life and in the movie as it is a regal and sophisticated choice.

Could you see yourself with a coloured gemstone on your finger? The choice to have these stones set in engagement rings is becoming increasingly popular. Perhaps the trend is for you as well?

6. The Great Gatsby

This book to film adaptation is set in the art deco time period of the roaring 20’s. Daisy’s ring is a magnificent halo piece, featuring a large cushion cut white diamond centrepiece surrounded by a timeless halo setting. Smaller white diamonds are set around the platinum band as well. It is truly a lavish ring that epitomises that decade.


The ring is not alone, however, with a matching wedding band to complete the set. Daisy’s ensemble was all the rage and exemplifies the feel and vibe of a time when industry and advancement was thriving.

The wonderful thing about a halo setting is it’s amazing ability to work with any look and style, making it a popular choice for industrious women. We specialise in halo engagement rings because we know their value is phenomenal and ladies love them.

7. Blood Diamond

This powerful movie highlights the importance of purchasing verified diamonds. There is such a thing as illegal gemstones which are known as blood diamonds. They are used by some countries to fund war efforts or conflict and often come with the price of slavery and murder.

The Kimberley Process was put in place to stop the flow of illegal rough diamonds from getting into the jeweller’s supply. Clean diamonds are certified—and by purchasing only legal ones, you help reduce the flow and desire for blood diamonds. Only the best jewellers in Sydney use ethically-sourced gemstone for their jewellery pieces.

The gem from the movie is a large light pink diamond, which would be extremely rare and valuable if it were real. Of course, it would still depend on the gem’s quality. The rough diamond is not beautiful in and of itself, but the meaning behind it is the reason why it belongs on this list. It sheds light on the importance of clean diamond sourcing.

Source: Youtube

Australia’s very own Argyle mine is the leader for pink diamond production and is proudly conflict-free. At Armans, we house some of the nicest, ethical pink diamond rings and pink diamonds in Sydney.

8. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

As one of the most famous actresses in history, Marilyn Monroe became the poster girl for diamond jewellery. In this film, she sings a song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and propelled the image of girls and diamonds further than anyone else. Throughout the movie, she is adorned with fine jewellery—from bracelets and necklaces to rings and earrings.

The most notable piece is a necklace that has a large pear-shaped canary yellow diamond as its centrepiece. This jewel is called the “Moon of Baroda.”  It originally was a treasure of the Maharaja of Baroda but has since had its location obscured through various auctions.

This was the largest diamond Marilyn ever wore—and it was an amazing gemstone! Large diamonds are rare but quality diamonds can come in many cuts and sizes that makes a jewellery piece even more unique.

We pride ourselves of having only top quality diamonds in Sydney, because only the BEST diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

9. How to lose a guy in 10 days

This may surprise you but this Hollywood film has an estimated $14 million worth of jewellery in it! In one scene, Andie (Kate Hudson) wears a diamond necklace with an estimated cost of over $5 million. It is spellbinding!


The necklace is made with a large yellow diamond, named after Isadora Duncan, the mother of modern dance. The chain itself is made of pear-shaped white diamonds. As a whole, the necklace is over 80 carats. It is no wonder they had to have private security just for the jewellery piece.

This necklace has been desired by many ever since the movie was shown. There are various replicas being sold!

As stated previously, coloured diamonds are increasing in popularity. If you are after yellow diamonds in Sydney, then visit Armans CBD boutique.

Men, with a coloured stone like that, you’ll be sure to never lose the girl!

10. Legally Blonde 2

Of course, Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) from the movie Legally Blonde would need to have pink jewellery! For her, everything has to be pink, even if it means her ring was on the fancier end of the spectrum.


Nothing screams Legally Blonde than this signature pink diamond engagement ring on a French tip-nailed hand. The large unique cushion cut pink diamond centrepiece, accented with triangular side diamonds and set in white gold, makes this ring a stunner.

The cushion cut is an excellent choice as well. Cushion cut engagement rings are a style that accentuates the diamond size and adds variety compared to a more traditional brilliant round cut.


These are just a few of what we consider some of the most famous diamonds from movies.

No matter how brightly the actresses shine, we love the jewellery they wear even more. Because we love all things diamonds.

To get your own Oscar-winning ring or to customise a more sentimental choice, visit Armans Fine Jewellery’s Sydney CBD store. The best jewellers in Sydney can help you make you or your loved one feel famous!


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