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Classic Diamond Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Classic Diamond Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Just like how every professional has their fundamental tools, every woman should be equipped with these five classic diamond pieces.

This will allow you to glam up for any function, meeting, party or formal event.

We have compiled a list of essential diamond jewellery items as well as where you can acquire them!

1) Diamond engagement ring

Of course, this only applies to women who are getting engaged, but it really is an essential piece of jewellery. There’s just something special about a forever diamond ring that binds the love of a couple.

Because this is a jewellery piece that a woman will treasure and wear the most, it’s essential for it to be everything she wants.

There are so many styles and cuts to choose from, which is why it is increasingly popular to design your own engagement ring.

After all, what eternalises your love more than your very own bespoke diamond engagement ring?

Where to get one: Lucky for you, Armans Fine Jewellery is Sydney’s leading diamond engagement ring procurer.

We have an elegant range of engagement rings to select from, but we also custom design and craft rings per request.

2Diamond tennis bracelet

If you follow our Instagram, you may have seen the stunning diamond tennis bracelets that Arman himself was filmed fashioning. The way these bracelets capture and reflect light is something to behold!

The name tennis bracelet actually has an interesting history. It originated from the instance when professional tennis player Chris Evert who, while playing a game, had her diamond bracelet unclasped and fall on the floor. She requested the match to pause so she could retrieve it.

Thankfully, our bracelets are more secure than that, but they are just as stunning. This piece serves well for active women who want a sophisticated accessory that won’t impede their movement.

Where to get one: We offer timeless tennis bracelets set in either yellow gold or white gold.

3) Diamond studs

This classic choice is a must-have for any woman. Whether you prefer big or small studs, diamond earring studs always work well with any outfit and style.

This jewellery piece makes a great gift for perhaps, your daughter, for completing a certain milestone. However, with options such as rose gold or coloured diamond earrings, you can also wow your significant other.

Where to get one: We offer a variety of diamond earrings and can also custom make a pair for you.


4) Cocktail ring

A cocktail ring is an essential piece of jewellery to spice up a woman’s diamond collection. It is specifically designed to be larger and attract attention with its colours.

This is typically made of an oversized centre stone with many smaller stones surrounding it in a halo setting, making it a real show-stopper.

This ring can have coloured diamonds or other gemstones in the centre, with white diamonds around it. The band can be made with any type of gold – whether white, rose or yellow.

A ring like this is the perfect jewellery piece to get custom designed. This will allow you to personalise the colours and setting to match the personality of the special lady.

Where to get one: Again, at Armans, we offer a wide range of cocktail rings as well as the option to custom design your own.

5) Pearls

This subtle yet sublime piece of jewellery is not specifically a diamond, but it had to be included on the list.

Every woman knows of Audrey Hepburn and the amazing style she had. Well, pearl earrings or a pearl necklace would allow any woman to immediately gain the confidence and style she deserves.

Pearl jewellery goes well together with diamonds, so pairing a pearl necklace with diamond studs or perhaps pearl earrings with a diamond necklace seamlessly works well.

Where to get one: We offer a selection of pearl jewellery made with the finest South Sea pearls.


These are just five essential jewellery pieces for women, but they are certainly not the be-all and end-all.

After all, a woman can never have enough jewellery and trends and styles are always coming and going.

This list may be filled with pieces that are timeless, but don’t neglect up and coming trends such as oval cut, pink diamonds and rose gold.

For more information about providing the best diamond engagement ring or other diamond piece for your special lady, come and visit the masters in our Sydney CBD boutique. Get your forever diamond today!

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