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What's the Difference Between Wedding & Engagement Rings?

What's the Difference Between Wedding & Engagement Rings?

For every special occasion, be it an engagement or a wedding, there is always a piece of jewellery, most likely a ring, to suit the situation. All around the world, jewellers offer a variety of wedding and engagement rings in order to mark these particular events. But, how do you know what ring is for what occasion? We’ll go through some of the characteristics that separate these two types of rings.

The Diamonds

Although the purposes of these two rings are vastly different, they do share some similarities. One of the similarities that both engagement and wedding rings share is the gemstones that grace them. There are many different gemstones which can be found on both wedding and engagement rings. Diamonds in Sydney can be found adorning both types of ring, as their endless variety and class demonstrate a beauty that is truly timeless.

To make the finest wedding and engagement rings, you need the finest gemstones available. For the finest gemstones in Sydney, diamonds or otherwise, visit Armans Fine Jewellery today. We have a range of the highest-quality gemstones available from our boutique store in Sydney’s Central Business District

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are used for marking the engagement of two people, and this ring is often used to make an impact on both people involved. Engagement rings are meant to make statements to all that gaze upon them. As a result, jewellers around the world try fervently to create the most opulent and emotionally-moving engagement ring that they can, incorporating large and rare gemstones into the jewellery pieces.

At Armans Fine Jewellery, we’ve created one of that extremely opulent and emotionally-moving engagement rings with our Olivia Rose Diamond Engagement Ring. A massive oval cut diamond makes the initial breathtaking statement, which is continued by the delicate smaller diamonds that add further grace and opulence to the ring, which can be made up of either sleek and stunning white gold or bold and impactful rose gold.

Wedding Rings

Although both types of ring are meant to display endless beauty and opulence, wedding rings display these characteristics in a manner far different from engagement rings. Whereas engagement rings are designed to make these stunning, impactful statements, wedding rings show off their beauty and opulence in a far more reserved manner and are often used to accompany an engagement ring.

However, just because wedding rings are often more restrained in their design, that doesn’t mean that they can’t have rows upon rows of stunning gemstones. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we understand this, and incorporated the finest diamonds Sydney has to offer into our Astonishing Asscher Diamond Wedding Ring. This ring is laden with over 7 carats of truly breathtaking Asscher cut diamonds, which each diamond adding to the class and the opulence of the diamonds before and after it. With all the beauty that radiates from this jewellery piece, it will surely make the perfect partner for an equally opulent engagement ring.

Whether it’s engagement rings or wedding rings, at Armans Fine Jewellery, we’re dedicated to crafting Sydney’s finest and most opulent pieces of jewellery. If you’d like to know more about our jewellery designed to make statements from those truly special occasions, visit our Sydney CBD boutique today.

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