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2020 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

2020 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

Buying something amazing, like a diamond engagement ring, only to find out that it is out of style, can be painful.

It may look beautiful initially, but then you realise that it doesn’t go well with your style, the changing trends or modern standards.

This is where Armans Fine Jewellery comes in! We know that a diamond ring should last a lifetime in both beauty and style. We keep up with the latest and greatest trends in order to help you make the best decision possible.

Here is a list of some of the growing and classic trends that seem like they will BOOM in 2020.

1) Oval Cut

For a long time, the brilliant round cut dominated the diamond ring market. And although it still is highly popular, many modern women are looking for something that is unique yet classic.

We have noticed a growing popularity with the oval cut because it still has the traditional rounded shape whilst providing volume and variety from the classic round.

Oval cuts are excellent for women with shorter fingers as the longer diamond shape help balance the length of the hand. Also, if your hand gives off a square shape, then the oval cut also contrasts this due to its roundness.

Another amazing thing about oval cut diamond engagement rings is that they work well in halo settings or as solitaire diamonds. This means that whether you prefer a cluster of gems or if you just want one accent stone, the oval cut will shine.




2) Rose Gold


Oftentimes, the focus is on the diamond, that other elements are not given attention. However, a great diamond on the wrong band only ever makes an average ring.

In contrast, a perfect diamond on an exceptional band makes a flawless ring. Most brides of late have been after rose gold bands. White gold and platinum have typically been the favourite, but again, rose gold provides variety and uniqueness that most people today want.



Rose gold is also stunning and perfectly complements white diamonds. The slightly pinkish colour of the band works well with all skin tones and creates a softer, elegant ring.

If you are after coloured stones, then rose gold may not suit the stone. But overall, rose gold is a great trend to jump on.

3) Three Stone/Trilogy Ring


Having a three stone ring allows creativity to flourish. Take Jessica Simpson’s and Meghan Markle’s three stone rings as examples.

Having three stones allows for various cuts, settings and colours – all in one ring. It is popular to have a coloured stone in the middle with white diamonds on either side, especially with custom made rings.



The pair can not only create a beautiful ring, but also a beautiful story.

Perhaps you want to use a diamond or stone from a family heirloom but want to refashion the rind? Well, a three stone ring would allow you to incorporate the past with the future.

4) Custom Made

With easy access to social media and so many online references, many women today are inundated with thousands of ring styles.

It can be overwhelming having to select a pre-made ring when couples are looking for something specific.

Women can take their favourite parts of multiple rings and have a master jeweller create their dream ring.

Perhaps they have a simple design in mind or a specific stone they want. Well, it’s no surprise why custom options are becoming increasingly popular!

Just like your love is unique, so do couples who are desiring an exceptional, bespoke engagement ring.

It also means when your Instagram post goes up about your engagement, everyone will be awestruck by your one-of-a-kind ring.


These are just some of the styles we expect to continue to grow in 2020. Perhaps another cut or setting will begin to flourish, but we do know that the styles we have listed are timeless and would provide an amazing forever diamond.

If you want more information or want to custom design your own ring, then visit our Sydney CBD boutique where our friendly and expert staff can be your dream makers.

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