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What To Look For In A Jeweller

What To Look For In A Jeweller

There are many jewellers in Sydney who are vying for the position of the jeweller who makes the best engagement rings, but there are only a few jewellers in Sydney that have the accolades and the quality behind them in order to make those truly special pieces of jewellery.  Here are some of the things for you to consider when shopping for Sydney’s best engagement rings.

The Quality

As is with many different products, often what decides which is the best is their quality. For many products, the quality of one has to greatly exceed the quality of its competitors in order for it to be considered the best, and engagement rings are no exception. Any jeweller can place some gemstones on a metal band and call it a day, but it takes a special vision and exceptional quality in order to develop some of Sydney’s best engagement rings.

At Armans, we have made one of those truly special engagement rings with our Seamless Oval Halo Engagement Ring. As one of Sydney’s finest oval engagement rings, it’s no wonder that this ring is a contender for the position as one of Sydney’s best engagement rings. This ring boasts a stunning 1-carat oval cut diamond, surrounded by a halo of smaller white diamonds. With this, we at Armans Fine Jewellery believe that we have succeeded in making one of those truly special statements made to win the world over.

The Experience

As with any business, one way to judge its worth is by taking into consideration the length of time that it’s been established, which often correlates to the amount of experience in the industry that the business has. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we’re proud of both the history our jewellers have in the profession and the 32-year history that we have making Sydney’s best engagement rings.

The experience of our master jewellers can be shown through “Lili”, one of the most stunning rings ever to be shown in Sydney. “Lili” was designed and created by our most experienced jeweller, Arman himself, and is graced with an illustrious 3.05-carat brilliant cut diamond supported by two beautiful pear-shaped diamonds, flanked by two v-shaped sets of stunning Argyle pink diamonds, all atop and placed into a stunning band made of premium quality platinum and rose gold, adorned by a unbelievable 224 small brilliant cut diamonds encased along the sides of the band itself.

“Lili” was handpicked by Armans Fine Jewellery to enter the exclusive Diamond Guild – Harper’s Bazaar Awards for the beauty and intricacy of its design, and the effort that went into making this extremely stunning ring. “Lili”, alongside our other stunning jewellery pieces are all statements, whose beauty and opulence reflect that Armans Fine Jewellery has the experience to forever hold its place as one of the finest jewellery stores in Sydney.

The Accolades

Another way to determine Sydney’s best engagement rings is to judge them based on the accolades they have won, as it provides a lot of weight to the claim. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we’re proud and thankful of the countless accolades that we have acquired over our 32-year-history.

One accolade that we’re particular proud of came to us in 2011, when our Master Jeweller Levon Arzumanian became the youngest designer to win the Diamond Guild Award. He won this prestigious award with our Ribbons of Love ring. Made with sleek 18-carat white gold, the ring wraps around both a stunning 1.64-carat brilliant cut diamond and an impactful band of rose gold.

There are very few jewellery stores in Sydney that have been able to obtain this honour. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we’re proud to utilise our award-winning expertise to provide the brides-to-be of Sydney with some of the city’s best diamond engagement rings. We understand that every bride-to-be wants their engagement ring to forever symbolise that truly special moment. If you’d like to experience the sheer excellence of some of the best engagement rings that Sydney has to offer, visit our glamourous Sydney boutique today.

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