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The Rise of the Pear Halo Engagement Ring

The Rise of the Pear Halo Engagement Ring

There are many different styles of engagement rings, all of which make a statement of luxury, taste and allure upon the finger of the person wearing it. But, there is one type of engagement ring that makes a bigger statement than most: the pear halo engagement ring. This style of engagement ring has been gaining popularity in recent years due to the amount of effort which goes into crafting one, the circumstance and allure that’s associated with the way that it’s worn, and the celebrities that have grown accustomed to the opulence that’s associated with it.


Pear Halo rings are characterised by a pear- shaped diamond set precisely on top of an Armans Signature diamond band surrounded by smaller diamonds to form both a halo of diamonds and to add a halo of lustre around the larger pear diamond when light is refracted by the smaller diamonds. The display created by this style of ring is the reason why pear halo engagement rings now rival more popular styles of ring, such as oval engagement rings.

Although you have a choice of different kinds of gemstones when designing a pear halo engagement ring, Armans Fine Jewellery has crafted a pear halo ring that symbolises the beauty and timelessness associated with this style of ring. The Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Ring consists of a magnificent 2.01 carat pear-shaped diamond, surrounded by a halo of brilliant cut diamonds, all atop a shimmering platinum band. This ring captures all the opulence of the pear halo style and will remain a talking point for years to come

Style and celebrities

As well as characteristics, another thing which separate the pear halo ring from other styles of ring is the way that it’s worn. This style of ring is to be worn with the tip of the diamond facing towards your fingernails. This gives the ring a falling teardrop effect, and it also gives the impression that your fingers are longer than they actually are.

The style and procedures associated with this ring are some of the many reasons that the pear halo ring has become very popular with celebrities. In particular, Paris Hilton had three replicas made of her $2.5 million pear halo engagement ring after almost losing the original ring at a club in Miami, only reinforcing how precious and stylish this type of ring has become.

All of these aspects and many more are why the pear halo ring has become one of the most popular styles of halo engagement rings. If you would like to get to know this stunning symbol of engagement, visit Armans Fine Jewellery and explore our range of engagement rings.

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