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Sydney Jeweller Blings Out Australia!

Sydney Jeweller Blings Out Australia!

After all the hype of our Diamond Engagement Ring Giveaway, one of the hosts, Shani Grimmond couldn’t help but choose a diamond ring herself!

When she flew from Brisbane to Sydney to host the 2018 Diamond Ring Giveaway, little did she know it would begin her love affair with our fine jewellery when she actually tried on one of our giveaway diamond rings in Australia.

It was at that moment she instantly fell in love with Armans Signature Diamond Pear Halo Engagement Ring. She wanted Armans Fine Jewellery to surprise her with something magnificent that would blow her mind and that’s exactly what we did!

A day before Christmas, jewellery connoisseur Aris, flew up to from Sydney to the Gold Coast to present her Christmas gift and boy, did Christmas come early for Shani!

We custom made a stunning double halo pear shaped diamond ring for one of Australia’s biggest YouTubers. The custom designed diamond ring features over 5 carats of diamonds and to top it off, we added her initials underneath the ring!

The ring itself is in white gold. However, we made the initials in 18ct rose gold with diamond bezel to really see the contrast between the ring and the initials.  It was a huge delight seeing how happy we made Shani and bringing a vision to reality. She was definitely not expecting how dazzling her ring was really going to be!

Aris’ trip did not end so quickly as another lucky lady was about to be dazzled in diamonds. However, she had a few weeks before she could receive her gift as it was for her birthday and she had no idea what she was in for!

Another one of the 2018 Diamond Ring Giveaway hosts, Emilee Hembrow was in for a diamond delight. Alongside Aris, her husband had custom-designed a stunning diamond name necklace, complete with a custom-made, iced out diamond pendant in 18ct white gold was made for the beautiful Emilee Hembrow for her birthday a complete surprise to her!

This stunning diamond pendant that spelt Emilee in an italic font boasts over 3 carats worth of round brilliant dazzling diamonds, definitely something that would make people remember your name. It was presented to her over a birthday dinner – a birthday she will always remember!

At Armans Fine Jewellery, we believe in jewellery being custom-made – not just something that can be purchased off the shelf. Custom and unique so it can be treasured for a life time!

Whether it be a diamond ring, diamond necklace or earrings, we can custom design any piece of fine jewellery to your liking!

For any of you girls who continue to have a love of diamonds, see the best jewellers in Sydney – Armans Fine Jewellery. It goes to show you that people all around Australia will get in contact with the best jewellers to have the finest jewellery created to cherish for every single day of their lives.

For your very own custom diamond piece, book an appointment with Australia’s leading jeweller today!

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