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Second Largest Diamond Found!

Second Largest Diamond Found!

You know of the Cullinan diamond—the largest diamond ever found. It was cut and placed into the crown jewels of the royal monarch in England.

Until recently, Lesedi La Rona was the second largest diamond at 1,109 carats. It sold for $53 million to a London Jeweller.

But now in Botswana, South Africa, an intact 1,758-carat diamond has been found and now holds the second place spot. It is roughly the size of a tennis ball!


Unfortunately, this massive diamond is said to be near-gem quality, which means it will most probably be used for industrial purposes.

Nonetheless, here at Armans, we love all things diamonds. Hearing of this finding was still quite exciting! After all, the area it was found in, the Karowe diamond mine, is famous for its large gemstones.

Our diamond rings, however, are of significant greater quality than this recent find. For over 45 years, we have been using the finest diamonds available to Sydney jewellers. Armans only selects diamonds from the top five grades, which means our diamonds are of superior character and brilliance.

A diamond’s carat is essentially the weight. That is why the discovery of the second largest diamond is big news. The heavier a naturally occurring diamond is, the rarer. But that doesn’t always mean the quality matches the size. Weight alone is a poor scale to value diamonds and our experts know that. We only choose the best stones for our jewellery based on the four C’s.

Our diamonds are cut and polished for brilliance, not for industry. The effort and skill required to craft a diamond is phenomenal, but when you see our quality rings, nothing else compares. A perfect diamond, crafted by a mediocre jeweller, will only ever be ordinary. Mastery is necessary—and that is what you get at Armans.

Also, Armans diamonds are unique—not just in quality, but in how we uniquely design and set engagement rings for you. We have large, small, clear, coloured, and even rare pink diamonds to help you eternalise your love with a special ring design.

The Armans difference means that our diamond engagement rings are crafted with our hands, delivered to yours. We aim to magnify every diamond through our superior craftsmanship and setting. Our wealth of diamond expertise is at your disposal for consultation.

Finding a diamond that’s over a thousand carat is definitely good news. With any luck, we hope the Karowe mine or others can continue to produce large diamonds, but hopefully of significantly greater quality. We are looking at the best of the four C’s, so that when you select one of our diamond engagement rings, it remains brilliant for a lifetime.

Visit our website for more information about the finest quality diamonds we use or the official categorisation of gems.

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to visit our Sydney CBD boutique where our experts can assist you with all your jewellery needs.

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