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Rose Gold vs Two-Tone

Rose Gold vs Two-Tone

One of the most sought out questions about engagement rings in Sydney is ‘rose gold or two-tone?’

In the last few months, we have seen a huge spike in the amount of rose gold engagement rings being sold in our boutique.

Unfortunately, nothing can explain this spike. However, we are seeing a huge trend happening and I believe it is here to stay. 

In the wake of this rose gold phenomena, we are getting a lot of confusion and questions whether to make the engagement ring in all rose gold or a two-tone effect.

If you are not familiar with the differences see the image below.

On the left is an Armans oval solitaire in all rose gold and on the right is an Armans Signature Rose Gold Oval Band with a White Gold setting. Now can you spot the difference?

I have made an Instagram post to help people make their decisions a lot easier in selecting the ring of their dreams.


Let’s now talk about why some girls would pick one over the other.

Firstly, if you were to select all rose gold, there is mainly one reason. You absolutely love rose gold and want consistency all the way through your engagement ring and do not want any form of colour to take away from it.

However, some would argue there is a draw back in doing this. Some ladies opt for the two-tone as they still love the feature of the rose gold band and want a contrast between the setting the diamond is placed in versus the band, so it makes the diamond pop more.

Some also say that the colour of the rose gold with the uniform shade will reflect a rose hue in the diamond.

These are the main reasons as to why a rose gold lover would choose one over the other.

Also, another very common theme is people questioning themselves whether they should choose rose gold or just go for a white gold ring instead.

The reason why they ask themselves this question is because they are seeing so much rose gold on people. They think it will be trendy now and out of style later. An engagement ring is something you will treasure forever so it makes sense to ask yourself this question.

Remember, however, that rose gold has been around for the last 100 years. It has never dated and will always be timeless – whether you decide to choose the full rose gold option or a two-tone effect in your engagement ring. On the other hand, white gold has been popular for only the last 20 years.

When selecting your dream engagement ring it is always best to try it on! And make sure you are happy with the style first and then the colour!

At Armans Fine Jewellery, we have a huge selection of rose gold engagement rings to try on. You have to be quick, however, because they tend to be purchased very quickly as rose gold’s popularity is on the rise!

Feel free to make a booking today with Sydney’s leading jewellers!

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