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Birthstone Showcase - Tanzanite

Birthstone Showcase - Tanzanite

Tanzanite is actually a ‘blue zoisite’ gemstone and it is found in only one place on Earth – Tanzania. Because of this, it has been named tanzanite.

This stone is often associated with spirituality and new life. Traditionally, Maasai (Northern Tanzania location) women are given this stone after they give birth as an offering of health and prosperity for the child.

Although zoisite ranges in colour, from grey, brown, yellow, green, blue and purple, tanzanite is specifically the name for a bluish-purple stone. With the various shades of blue, a master jeweller will be able to highlight the best aspects of this gem.

Sometimes, tanzanite is confused with sapphires because of the similarity in  hues. Sapphire is harder than tanzanite, however, which is only about a 6 on the hardness scale.

Like diamonds, the value of tanzanite is measured with the 4Cs – colour, clarity, cut and carat weight.

Why choose Tanzanite?

Unlike other gems, tanzanite has only been mined for about the last 25 years. This means that it is generally a rarer stone than others due to its singular mining location and modern discovery.

In fact, because its only source is a 4-km strip of land located near the famous Mt Kilimanjaro, tanzanite is about a thousand times rarer than diamonds. If you have a piece of tanzanite jewellery, it is considered a precious heirloom.

Tanzanite is also special because it exhibits pleochroism. This is an optical phenomenon where a substance appears as different colours based on the angle it is viewed at.

At some angles, the stone may appear to have a deep blue shade. And at another angle, it may exhibit a light blue or purple hue.

A master cutter can exploit this feature and create stunning jewellery that has multiple viewpoints of colour.

This has quickly become one of the best-selling stones on the market, but the demand could outpace the supply. Because there is only one location of mining, tanzanite jewellery prices could easily inflate if the supply runs out, which is expected within the next 20 years.

If you have the opportunity to purchase a brilliant piece of tanzanite jewellery, then don’t wait. The chance may not last long!

At Armans, we offer unique designer tanzanite pieces such as our Cushion Cut Tanzanite Halo Round Diamond Ring and our Violet Tanzanite Drop Earrings. Our award-winning jeweller has created these pieces                              and can craft bespoke designs that you desire.

Visit us in-store at our Sydney CBD boutique for more information or to begin the process of designing your very own heirloom today!

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