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Our 18 Best Engagement Rings

Our 18 Best Engagement Rings

The round brilliant cut diamond

This cut exemplifies what its name suggests – brilliance. They’re given this name because they capture everything that a diamond is supposed to be.

As a result, it’s no surprise that brilliant cut diamonds regularly lend themselves to some of Sydney’s best engagement rings.

1 ) Imperial Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

This ring is truly a masterpiece – one of the finest engagement rings we’ve ever crafted.

The Imperial Halo Diamond Engagement Ring carries a spectacular 1.50-carat brilliant cut diamond. It is surrounded by a stunning halo of smaller diamonds of the same cut, all placed within Arman’s Signature Setting and handcrafted by Arman himself.

To top of it all off, the secondary diamond-studded platinum band means that this set is for those who just want to go a bit further.

2) Allure Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Sometimes, the most quintessential idea of an engagement ring is what makes one of the best betrothal pieces out there.

At Armans Fine Jewellery, we put this into practice with our Allure Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.

This stunning jewellery piece symbolises true love with its beautiful 1-carat brilliant cut diamond, set in a sleek platinum band, with a row of smaller round-shaped diamonds tapered around the ring.

This piece is a beautiful classic ring for any engagement!

3) Angel Engagement Ring

For a simplistic yet stunning design, it’s hard to look past the Angel Engagement ring. 

At Armans Fine Jewellery, we believe that the Angel Engagement Ring is one of our best pieces.

This is because it remains true to the idea of an engagement ring – simple, elegant and perfect for that special moment.

4) Liana Engagement Ring

The Liana Engagement Ring is one of those rare jewellery pieces where two different diamond cuts are incorporated – the pear cut and the brilliant cut.

This masterpiece sports a beautiful 1-carat brilliant cut diamond, flanked by two stunning pear-shaped diamonds, all set atop a beautiful, sleek platinum band.

With the Liana Engagement Ring, we’ve been able to take two different diamond cuts and incorporate them to form this beautiful jewellery piece.

The oval cut diamond

Although the round shape is known for being the cut of sheer brilliance, a lot of our specially-crafted jewellery rings are in fact oval engagement rings.

This cut brings a lot of brilliance to any jewellery piece. It offers mesmerising visual illusions and has the same refracting abilities as a round cut diamond.

5) Olivia Rose Diamond Engagement Ring

The Olivia Rose Diamond Engagement Ring is a piece that truly captures the beauty and grace of an oval cut diamond.

It sports a massive 1-carat oval cut diamond, gracefully held in place by a four-prong setting. The stone daintily sits atop a precious metal band that’s studded with smaller round diamonds.

For those who like a bit of colour in their jewellery, the precious metal band can be made out of white, rose or yellow gold. This showstopper should not be overlooked.

6) Seamless Oval Halo Engagement Ring

The Seamless Oval Halo Engagement Ring is a very special masterpiece. It’s one of our finest oval diamond rings and is also included in our list of most popular halo engagement rings.

This stunning piece steals the show with its beautiful 1-carat oval cut diamond, surrounded by a dazzling halo of smaller round diamonds – a setting that continues to add even more opulence as it makes it way down the band.

7) Oval Allure Engagement Ring

For a ring that lives up to its name, no one can look past the Oval Allure Engagement Ring.

This beautiful ring boasts a mesmerising 1-carat oval cut diamond, set in a sleek and timeless platinum band, tapered with rows of small brilliant cut diamonds.

With the sheer allure that is displayed by this piece, it’s easy to see why our Oval Allure Engagement Ring is one of the best we’ve got. Its simplicity magnifies the diamond’s natural beauty whilst maintaining a luxurious style.

8) Oval Allegra Diamond Engagement Ring

If you want an engagement ring that looks truly timeless, then the Oval Allegra Diamond Engagement Ring is the perfect, classically-styled ring for you.

This piece has a flawless 1-carat oval cut diamond, set gracefully within a diamond basket and placed atop a sleek platinum band that’s studded with small brilliant cut diamonds.

If you want a ring that draws beautiful inspiration from years past, then the Oval Allegra Diamond Engagement Ring is the perfect piece.

9) Lydia Engagement Ring

If you’re looking for a truly unique oval engagement ring in Sydney, look no further than our Lydia Engagement Ring.

With its beautiful 1-carat oval cut diamond, flanked by two equally beautiful 1-carat pear cut diamonds, the ring showcases our diamonds in the best possible manner. All three diamonds are carefully placed upon a luxurious platinum band.

Our Lydia Engagement Ring is one of those truly stunning statements that only comes around once in a lifetime. It is a three-stone ring that stands above the crowd.

10) Olivia Diamond Engagement Ring

The Olivia Diamond Engagement Ring has many qualities which earn it a place in the selection of our best engagement rings.

Firstly, it sports a massive 3.47-carat oval cut diamond, designed to catch the light and brilliantly refract it from every possible angle.

Secondly, this massive diamond is carefully placed into a diamond basket, which is then set upon a platinum band, studded with three glistening rows of small dazzling diamonds.

Last, but certainly not the least, the Olivia Diamond Engagement Ring has been crafted by none other than Arman himself, so you know that this piece is among some of the best that we have to offer. It is everything brilliant about oval cut rings.

The radiant cut diamond

This increasingly popular cut is making waves in 2020. It is a stunning and excellent cut that refracts light in such special ways.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a radiant cut, then you know a master jeweller has spent extra time forming a unique and beautiful ring unmatched by any other.

11) Ravishing Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring

The ravishing radiant refracts light unlike any other ring, which is why it deserves a place on this list.

Boasting over 2 carats of radiant brilliance, set in our classic claw setting, this ring works well with platinum as well as rose gold.

Everyone will be in awe of your simple yet elegant engagement ring. It captures light and attention from everywhere!

12) Emerald Claudia Engagement Ring

The mesmerising Radiant Emerald Claudia Engagement Ring is utterly brilliant.


The cushion cut diamond

For those who want a more traditional-looking cut, cushion cut engagement rings are definitely the way to go.

This cut sparkles very differently than other diamond shapes, utilising its rounded corners to refract light in new and fascinating ways.

 13) Chloe Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

For a ring that truly accentuates the diamond that it’s been graced with, look no further than the Chloe Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring.

This ring features a sensational 1-carat cushion cut diamond, complemented by a sleek platinum band. It is set with small yet stunning brilliant cut diamonds, all perfectly laid out in Arman’s Signature Setting.

For the best cushion cut engagement rings, you need the best diamonds. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we only source the world’s finest diamonds, so that we can offer you the world’s finest engagement rings.

14) Valeria Diamond Engagement Ring

There are very few rings that can claim the title, ‘perfect engagement ring’. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we created an engagement ring that’s more than fit to claim that title – our Valeria Diamond Engagement Ring.

This ring boasts an exceptional 2-carat cushion cut diamond, set into a stunning diamond halo, all atop one of the most intricate and finely detailed platinum bands we’ve created.

If you are after a ring that has classic roots but with a modern and intricate flare, then this is your ideal pick.

With all of these attributes, the Valeria Diamond Engagement Ring is truly unique. And we believe that’s what makes it one of our best engagement rings.

The pear-shaped diamond

When it comes to engagement rings, there are many people who want the best of both worlds, especially with diamond cuts. If you’re that type of person, then look no further than pear-shaped diamond rings.

The pear-shaped diamond is a combination of the round and marquise cut. It combines the brilliance of the round cut with the illusory properties of the marquise cut.

Some of our finest engagement rings feature pear-shaped diamonds, including:

15) Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

If you have that deep, burning passion for diamonds, then the Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is for you.

This ring is absolutely covered in diamonds, starting with its massive 2.01-carat pear-shaped diamond, encased within a halo of small brilliant cut stones, all placed atop a platinum band that’s studded with small yet stunning brilliant cut diamonds.

This ring is a statement about opulence and glamour – two very important considerations when creating the best engagement rings.

16) Pear Allegra Diamond Engagement Ring

For those who want a truly timeless masterpiece, the Pear Allegra Diamond Engagement Ring is perfect for you.

Handmade by Arman himself, this beautiful jewellery piece is graced with a beautiful 1.2-carat pear-shaped diamond, set perfectly into a delicate diamond basket.

This classically-inspired ring is also set in Arman’s Signature Setting, complete with brilliant cut diamonds exquisitely embedded into the band.

The Allegra Collection is available with any diamond cut and can be customised according to your specifications – just another factor that makes this piece  truly exceptional.

The princess cut diamond

The princess cut is an extremely popular cut of diamond, second only to the brilliant cut.

Rather than forming a conical shape like the brilliant cut, princess cut diamonds form a pyramid shape, allowing them to refract light in new and brilliant ways.

As a result, it’s no surprise that some of our best engagement rings boast princess cut diamonds.

The emerald cut diamond

Because of the emerald cut’s elongated, rectangular shape, it appears larger than other stones with the same carat weight, making it a popular choice.

It s large table and chiseled step cuts allows for great clarity and create mesmerising reflections.

17) Diamond Emerald Halo Engagement Ring

For anyone wanting to really make a statement, this is the ring for you.

This stunning ring holds a 3.5-carat emerald cut diamond in a claw setting. Then, a row of smaller brilliant cut diamonds encase the centre stone.

The amazing stones, combined with a breathtaking design, make this one of the ultimate engagement rings.

18) Tapering Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

The Tapering Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring is a special ring for a special lady.

A lustrous emerald cut diamond is set in the centre of this platinum ring, with smaller baguette diamonds gracing the band. This gives the hypnotising illusion of depth.

The unique design definitely lands it with a place on this list.

With this article, we’ve been able to list 22 of the engagement rings which we find the most fascinating and the most beautiful in our collection.

If you’d like to learn more about these stunning engagement rings or any of our other fine jewellery pieces, visit our Sydney CBD boutique today.

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