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Is The Oval Cut Taking Over The Round

Is The Oval Cut Taking Over The Round

For years, the brilliant round cut engagement ring has been the popular choice. It is beautiful, simple and classic. But an interesting trend has surfaced lately. The oval cut diamond engagement ring is increasing in popularity. In fact, it is overtaking the round shape.

Let’s explore some details about each cut and discuss whether oval could be the new timeless wonder.

History of the Round Cut

Diamond cutters throughout the ages have tried to magnify a diamond’s brilliance. By creating facets in the stone, light is reflected and the diamond is shaped accordingly. For years, jewellers attempted to create an alluring cut that reflected light beautifully. Hence, the round diamond was born! It has the most facets out of any other cut.

Rounded diamonds have been used for years but the advancement on technology in the 1800s allowed the round cut to be more defined and further perfected.

In the 1900s, Marcel Tolkowsky published a mathematical formula for proportional diamond cutting, which as time went on and machines advanced, allowed this formula to be perfected and realised in reality.

Why the Round Cut?

The round cut has typically been the desired cut as it is shiny and classic. It works well with the majority of body types as well as ring settings. This makes it a versatile and timeless cut.

The media, advertisements and history have all pushed the round cut as the ideal style and many have loved it since its inception. The high demand and shine mean this cut is typically more expensive, but you can’t go wrong with a brilliant round!


History of the Oval Cut

Russian diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan is credited with the commonly used oval cut today. The interesting part is he worked closely with Abraham Tolkowsky, the famous jeweller family that also devised the brilliant round cut.

Kaplan was a skilled diamond cutter and the modern oval cut is the statement that launched him into fame. He would often take diamonds that were considered worthless or difficult to cut and turn them into beautiful stones.

The oval shape is rarer than the round or princess cut and it doesn’t reflect as brilliantly as the round. But nonetheless, they are a beautiful statement that have a voluptuous figure.

The growing demand for oval cut

The oval cut is growing in demand and is, in my experience, actually more popular than the round cut right now. Why could this be? Well, it is hard to know exactly why, but the oval cut is stunning and has provided a nice variance from the classic round. Not to mention, the oval engagement rings are still old and classic enough to be considered traditional.

Perhaps the rarity of the oval cut makes it a desirable cut for those looking to try something more different. The oval doesn’t shine as well as the round, but it still looks amazing and instead offers a plump look to the ring.

Oval cuts work amazingly well with claw settings and their shape still complements the majority of body types. In fact, the oval shape can make the hand and body appear slightly slimmer due to its full-figured contour.


What is best for you?

This is a question that comes down to you. If you are after a perfectly shaped, super shiny stone that can work with most styles and settings, then perhaps you want the brilliant round. If you want something a little different, yet still beautiful and versatile, then maybe the oval cut is for you.

Only time will tell whether oval will fully overtake round or if this growing popularity is just a trend. Regardless, both the round and oval cuts are magnificent and will make amazing forever diamond for engagement rings.

Whatever the reason for the growing oval sensation, both the round and oval are beautiful cuts that deserve to stand the test of time.


Whether you are set in your ways or perhaps want to see for yourself, visit our Sydney boutique and compare the round brilliant cut with the oval cut. It could be the test that changes your mind.

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