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How To Make Your Perfect Diamond Ring

How To Make Your Perfect Diamond Ring

Throughout history, one gemstone has been seen as the quintessential object of value, beauty and class – diamonds. Diamonds are easily the most popular gemstones available, and it’s easy to see why they are. They bring a clean beauty and opulence to every jewellery piece that has the opportunity to be graced with them. As well as this, with so many jewellers offering custom-designed diamond jewellery in Sydney, the dream of owning your perfect diamond ring is now in reach. We’ve brought forward some popular colours, cuts, styles and settings for you to consider when making your diamond ring.

The Colour

When you ask people what colour diamonds are available in, most of them will say either clear. Clear diamonds are the most available colour of diamond there is, and they still bring the stunning light refraction and beautifully carved facets that any other diamond can provide. But, there are many other colours of diamonds out there. Diamonds are available in many different colours, such as yellow, blue and red.

In Australia, pink diamond rings are extremely popular due to their availability from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. As a result, jewellers across the nation are taking the opportunity to incorporate these stunning and elusive diamonds into their jewellery. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we were able to harness the majesty and beauty of pink diamonds to make the Magenta Diamond Engagement Ring.

This ring captures the true beauty of pink diamonds, with an illustrious halo of pink diamonds being set upon a sleek rose gold background. This beautiful halo surrounds a truly magnificent 1.35-carat brilliant cut diamond, all atop a lavish diamond-studded band. Pink diamonds are a miracle of nature, and at Armans Fine Jewellery, we’ve harnessed the grace of pink diamonds with the Magenta Diamond Engagement Ring.

The Cut

Another important aspect of designing your perfect diamond ring is choosing the cut. The cut is just as important as choosing the colour and just like the colour, there are many different types of cuts to choose from, and all of them bring out a special quality from your diamond ring.

Out of the many cuts that diamonds are available in, the most popular is the round brilliant cut. This cut is the quintessential diamond cut, revealing the true nature of the diamond, allowing it to refract light perfectly through its many intricately-cut facets. Throughout Australia, diamond rings are being beautifully made, with their jewellers trying fervently to make that perfect cut.

At Armans Fine Jewellery, we strongly believe that we’ve succeeded in mastering the round brilliant cut with our Allure Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. The pinnacle of this ring is its marvellous 1-carat round brilliant cut diamond, shining like a beacon atop a sleek platinum band with small diamonds, capturing the centre diamond’s opulence.

The Style & Setting

The style and setting are how the ring will look and where the diamonds will be placed, so this is another very important aspect of designing your perfect diamond ring. As your perfect diamond ring is something that you will have with you forever, it’s important to really think about this step.

In recent year, one style of ring that has been making great strides in terms of popularity is the halo. Halo engagement rings consist of a ring of small gemstones surrounding a larger gemstone, creating an ethereal halo of refracted light as well as a stunning physical halo of small gemstones.

Developing halo diamond rings requires a lot of effort, experience and an insatiable eye for detail. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we’ve exercised all three of these qualities to make one of the most stunning engagement rings Sydney’s ever seen – the Imperial Halo Diamond Engagement Ring.

This ring is truly a masterpiece – featuring a dazzling 1.50-carat brilliant cut diamond, masterfully set into a beautiful halo of small diamonds, with the two sides of the halo connected by a band brimming with intricately-cut diamonds. The design and quality of this piece is second to none and is one of the most stunning pieces of diamond engagement rings.

At Armans Fine Jewellery, we’re extremely proud of the stunning pieces of diamond jewellery that we make and we’re always willing to help people design your perfect diamond rings. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you create that piece that you’ll love forever, visit our stunning Sydney CBD boutique today.

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