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Halo Engagement Rings - A New Level Of Elegance

Halo Engagement Rings - A New Level Of Elegance

Although every type of engagement ring is absolutely stunning, there is one type of ring that towers above the rest in terms of decadence and beauty – the halo ring. Halo engagement rings are rings that consist of a large central gemstone that is placed on top of the ring, which is surrounded by a halo of smaller gemstones, acting as a ‘halo’ around that central stone. Halo engagement rings make for truly stunning pieces of jewellery, with a great deal of appeal outside the presence of those smaller stones.

More Customisation Options

As halo engagement rings have a halo of small gemstones encompassing the larger central gemstone, it means that you’ll have the option of choosing what smaller gemstones your ring will bear alongside the central gemstone. This means that ring is far more customisable than most other engagement rings, and therefore, halo rings are far more personal than other engagement rings.

There are many people who create countless designs trying to find their perfect engagement ring. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we believe that we have developed a statement of universal perfection with our Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring. This truly timeless piece boasts a stunning 2.00-carat cushion cut diamond surrounded by a brilliant halo of smaller brilliant cut diamonds, all atop a sleek platinum band that’s been studded with an array of small brilliant cut diamonds.

This piece is also accompanied by an equally mesmerising diamond-studded platinum band which completes this absolutely brilliant set. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we believe that is not only one of our finest engagement rings, but one of Australia’s finest diamond rings.

Utilising Optical Illusions

Because of the halo that surrounds the large central gemstone, halo engagement rings also offer a variety of optical illusions to their wearers. For example, the halo of smaller gemstones make the central gemstone appear larger and provides the central gemstone with more sparkle than it can actually produce, making your engagement ring look even more appealing to any onlookers.

Another type of engagement ring that is known for offering optical illusion is the pear-cut engagement ring. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we’ve been able to design and create an illustrious engagement ring with a massive range of optical illusions to utilise with our Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Ring. This spectacular ring carries a beautiful 2.01-carat pear-shaped diamond as its central gemstone, which is enveloped with an elegant halo of small brilliant cut diamonds, all of which is placed gracefully atop a diamond-studded band. If you’re looking for an elegant halo engagement ring that’s designed to leave any onlookers mesmerised, Armans Fine Jewellery has the answer with our Pear Halo Diamond Engagement Ring.

The halo engagement ring is a truly timeless type of engagement ring that has continued to leave the world speechless since its conception. At Armans Fine Jewellery, our master designers design and create some of Australia’s finest engagement rings, as well as some of the finest jewellery pieces to ever grace the nation. If you’d like to know more about our halo engagement rings, or any of our other fine jewellery pieces, visit our Sydney CBD boutique today.

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