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Diamond Rings - Classic & Customisable

Diamond Rings - Classic & Customisable

Throughout the world, one of the quintessential pieces of jewellery is the diamond ring. Diamond rings have been a staple item for jewellers everywhere, due to their beauty, opulence, and timelessness. However, when most people think of diamond rings, they think of the classic white diamond, gracefully placed atop a precious metal band.  However, these stunning jewellery pieces can be made into something so much more. Here are some ways that you add some style when creating your diamond ring.

Using Coloured Diamonds

When many people think of diamond engagement rings, they think of white diamonds, with their clear and classic-looking colour, which is meant to refract light as purely as possible. However, diamonds can be found in a vast spectrum of different colours, from red to blue, with each colour being determined by the minerals within the diamond. In Sydney, pink diamonds are especially popular due to their brilliant colour, as well as the facts that they are readily available in Australia due to the Argyle Diamond Mine and their ability to bring life into any piece.

At Armans Fine Jewellery, we’ve captured all of the elegance of both coloured and white diamonds with our Romance Diamond Engagement Ring. Beautiful symmetry is at work within this stunning jewellery piece, which boasts a breathtaking two-carat brilliant cut diamond, flanked by two equally stunning Argyle pink diamonds, themselves nestled up against two gorgeous oval cut diamonds. With the Romance Diamond Engagement Ring, we believe we’ve captured some of the best attributes that diamond rings have to offer.

Using Different Settings

As well as picking from the dazzling display of colours that diamonds have, you can also pick from a range of stunning settings when creating a diamond ring, with choices such as solitaire and side stones. This choice, alongside choosing different diamond colours only adds to the level of customisation that you’ll have when creating your diamond ring. A lot of jewellery stores in Sydney like to utilise the diamond band setting when creating their diamond rings, as it allows for even more beauty and opulence to be incorporated into the ring.


At Armans Fine Jewellery, we strive to raise the standards set for diamond rings, and we’ve been very successful in raising these standards with the creation of our Chloe Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring. This piece sports a stunning one-carat white cushion cut diamond, placed delicately atop a sleek platinum band which has been studded with small yet stunning brilliant cut diamonds. With the Chloe Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring, we have created a testament to the sheer beauty that can be expressed by diamond rings.

Diamond rings are statements of beauty, finesse, and opulence, and one of the reasons that they are so loved by jewellery enthusiasts everywhere is because they are so customisable. No matter what setting, gemstone or precious metal, it’s very difficult to not be able to express the beauty of a diamond ring. If you’d like to explore how far you can customise diamond rings, visit our Sydney CBD boutique today.

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