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Birthstone Showcase - Sapphire

Birthstone Showcase - Sapphire

Sapphire is a special stone often loved for its deep blue colour. It is a popular choice as an alternative centre stone for rings and other jewellery pieces. This gem is not just a brilliant blue stone, but it is also tough. In fact, the only other stone harder than it is diamond, hence why it is used prominently in jewellery.

Sapphire is the birthstone of September and is actually related to rubies. It is from the corundum family and has traced amounts of titanium and iron which give it colour, ranging from pale to vibrant blues. Although other trace elements can cause a shade of yellow, orange or even the rare Padparadscha sapphire, which actually has colour-changing properties depending on the light.


Derived from the latin word, “saphirus” meaning blue, sapphire has been around roughly since 800B.C. Some cultures revered the sapphire as a representation of the heavens. Also often associated with royalty, the blue sapphire was worn by kings and queens because it supposedly helped guard against evil.


Sapphires are found all around the world, with prominent mines in Australia, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The more vibrant the colour, the more valuable the stone. Typically, high quality gems are used for jewellery, but similar with diamonds, the lower quality stones are used for industry. Industrial sapphires are often used in glass such as Apple watches because they are tough which helps reduce scratches.

The blue stones make an amazing centrepiece for engagement rings. We have multiple sapphire engagement rings on offer at Armans like our Blue Star Sapphire Engagement Ring. For those looking for something royal yet classic, a blue sapphire might just be for you.

Famous Sapphires

There are some sapphires in this world that are prized above others. The “Star of India” is one of the most famous and largest sapphires known. It weighs over 560 carats and has an internal property called asterism. This is where light hits the stone and creates a six-pointed star shape.

Of course, we cannot talk about famous stones without mentioning Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring. It is a 12-carat oval blue sapphire with 14 solitaire diamonds surrounding it, looking similar to a flower. The ring is set in 18k white gold which emphasises the diamonds and the blue centre. This ring is not only beautiful in design but also in sentimentality as it now graces the hand of Kate Middleton, the wife of the late Princess Diana’s son, William.

Whether you believe in the mysticism surrounding sapphires or just like the vibrant blue colour, having a sapphire engagement ring or a piece of jewellery with this gem might just be for you. View our collection of sapphire rings or visit our Sydney boutique to talk with our diamond and gemstone experts.

Stand out from the rest and get the royal look today with the September birthstone – sapphire.

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