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Birthstone Showcase - Ruby

Birthstone Showcase - Ruby

Ruby is the birthstone for July. Indian culture considers the ruby as the king of gemstones. Its warm colour evokes the feelings of intense passion and love, which is why it is a popular addition to diamond engagement rings.

Rubies are perhaps the most special coloured gemstone. They are the second hardest stone, after diamond of course. They are also the most valuable in the corundum family which includes sapphires. Most rubies today are sourced from Southeast Asia, with the rarest coming from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

They have a commanding brilliance, which is why rubies intrigue many people. In fact, large exceptional quality rubies are so rare that they may even fetch a higher price than similarly sized diamonds. The deeper the colour of a ruby is, the rarer and more sought after it is.

The intense red shade of this gemstone is the perfect expression of passion. This is why some have selected a ruby centrepiece instead of a diamond.

Actress Jessica Simpson is known to have one of the most famous celebrity engagement rings. It consists of a large 5-carat ruby in the centre and two pear shaped diamonds on either side. The stones are encased in a yellow gold setting. It is a striking ring for sure.

Still, Jessica’s ring pales in comparison to the most expensive ruby ring ever sold. “The Hope Ruby” is a remarkable 32-carat ring and was sold for an astounding price of $6,742,440. The stone is a cushion cut ruby from Burma and its sale went to the benefit of over 20 charities.

Like diamonds, Rubies are valued based on their characteristics—and one of these is colour. “Pinkish red” lies low on the scale while “pigeon blood” classifies as a superior quality gem. Again like diamonds, rubies are fashioned into many shapes and styles.

Being a stone with deep red colour, a heart-shaped cut is a classic choice as it is the literal symbol of love. Other popular cuts include cushion, oval and round brilliant. Whatever the cut is, the intense red shade of the gem stands out.

Royalty are no strangers to the finer things in life—and rubies are certainly a part of that. Queen Elizabeth II was gifted 96 rubies by the Burmese people upon her marriage to Prince Philip. She commissioned that the stones be fashioned into a rose motif on a tiara encrusted with diamonds from her private collection.


This gemstone of love makes an excellent showstopper, whether worn by the Queen of England or set on an engagement ring of a loved one. If you are after some variety in your jewellery collection or perhaps an unconventional engagement ring, then the July birthstone may just be the thing for you.

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