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Best Diamond Cross Necklace in Australia

Best Diamond Cross Necklace in Australia

The diamond cross necklace is the most distinguishable and recognisable piece of jewellery on the market, which is why it is no surprise to see it trending around the world. Traditionally worn as a symbol of faith, it has now become all the rage and is commonly worn as a fashion statement. This craze has taken off following big time celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian wearing the necklace trend in their everyday looks.

Kim Kardashian in Diamond Cross

If you’re looking for the best diamond cross necklace in Australia, here are some reasons why you should choose Armans Fine Jewellery.

Go bigger, go bolder

The #1 best seller at Armans Fine Jewellery is the diamond cross necklace and is available in 5 exquisite sizes to accommodate every woman's individual taste.

Petite & Small Diamond Cross Necklace Diamond Cross Necklace

For those bold enough to wear the Jumbo size, this iced out diamond cross is filled with round brilliant diamonds cut to perfection. Being a statement piece, it is ideal to style with a simple, elegant dress or a smart casual outfit. Everyone around you will know that you care about your faith just as much as you care about your drip 😉

A stacker’s dream

A diamond cross is a great choice for those women who love a good necklace stack. For a look with a lot of bling, we would recommend pairing it with a diamond tennis necklace or the Rose Chain. If you are looking for a stack that is a little more subtle, we recommend pairing it with the Myra Diamond Necklace. No matter which style you are after, stacking the diamond cross necklace is an ideal complement to any outfit.

diamond cross necklace stack

All about them gifts

A diamond cross necklace is the perfect gift to cater to any occasion. Traditionally gifted for baptisms and communions, we have seen a rise in demand for gifting this exquisite necklace as bridal jewellery, significant birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas. Whether it be as a compliment to your wedding dress on your special day or to celebrate an 18th birthday, a diamond cross necklace is a beautiful keepsake that has special meaning and style. 

If you are on the hunt for a diamond cross necklace, look no further than Armans Fine Jewellery. We have a range of diamond crosses available in an array of styles or can custom design a diamond cross to your own unique desire. Another popular choice is to incorporate the cross with a mix of diamonds and coloured gemstones. To enquire about a custom design, please contact our team here.

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