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Men's Diamond Earrings

Discover Sydney’s best collection of men's diamond earrings at Armans Fine Jewellery. Our handmade pieces effortlessly fuse style, sophistication and luxury. These exquisite accessories are meticulously designed to accentuate the masculine allure while adding a brilliant sparkle to any outfit. Hand made with the utmost attention to detail and using only the finest materials, our diamond earrings for men perfectly blend contemporary design and timeless elegance.

  • Men's Round Diamond Stud Earring - Armans Fine Jewellery

    Men's Round Diamond Stud Earring

    from $999.00

    Details Be bold with the Men's Round Diamond Stud Earring! Show off your style with this stunning diamond earring, perfect for men who aren't afra...

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    from $999.00
  • Black Diamond Studs - Armans Fine Jewellery
    Black Diamond Studs - Armans Fine Jewellery

    Black Diamond Studs


    Details Round cut black diamond stud earrings in a 4 prong setting.  Stud fastening for pierced ears. Total carat weight: 2cts Sold as a pair Me...

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Diamond Earrings for Men

Each pair of men's earrings in this collection showcase the unparalleled beauty of diamonds, which have long been revered for their rarity, brilliance, and enduring symbolism. From classic diamond stud earrings for men to more elaborate designs, our range features carefully selected diamonds expertly set in premium metals such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum, ensuring both durability and a refined aesthetic.

Discover our wide range of diamond earrings for men, designed by the master artisans at Armans Fine Jewellery. For custom men's earring designs, send us an enquiry online or book an in-store appointment.

Custom Made Men’s Earrings Australia

At Arman's Fine Jewellery, we are committed to providing you with the highest-quality diamond earrings to express your personal style. Nothing makes a bolder statement than custom-made earrings for men. We will work with you to design and create a piece that truly resonates with who you are. Choose from various diamond shapes, including round, radiant, or princess-cut, and explore different carat weights and colour grades to find the perfect combination that matches your preferences.

Whether worn as a daily accessory or reserved for special events, diamond earrings for men add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outfit. From formal attire to casual wear, these earrings effortlessly elevate your overall appearance, exuding confidence and refined taste. They make an exceptional gift for yourself or a loved one, commemorating milestones, or achievements, or simply celebrating personal style.

What are the Most Popular Diamond Earrings

The most popular men's diamond earrings at Armans Fine Jewellery include:

Diamond Stud Earrings: Diamond studs are classic and timeless. They typically feature a single diamond set in a metal prong or bezel setting.

Diamond Hoop Earrings: Hoop earrings for men have gained popularity in recent years. They come in various sizes and designs, often featuring diamonds set along the front or inside the hoop.

Diamond Huggie Earrings: Huggie earrings are small hoops that "hug" the earlobe. Men's diamond huggie earrings often feature diamonds set on the front or inside the hoop.

Diamond Drop Earrings: Diamond drop earrings have a more formal and elegant look. They feature a diamond or multiple diamonds hanging down from a stud or hoop.

Diamond Cross Earrings: Cross earrings with diamond accents are a popular choice for men looking for a religious or symbolic design. The diamond(s) are often set within or around the cross shape.

With their timeless allure and enduring value, Armans Fine Jewellery diamond earrings are a symbol of refinement and discerning taste. Experience the brilliance and prestige of wearing these exceptional jewellery pieces, and indulge in the unmatched beauty and sophistication of men's diamond earrings.