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Top 5 Push Presents Ideas for New Mums 2021

Top 5 Push Presents Ideas for New Mums 2021

Whether you're someone that likes to keep old traditions alive, or you simply want to show appreciation and support to your partner or friend following childbirth,  “push presents” are a great way to do so.

The most common push present is jewellery and generally gifted by significant others or or family members at the hospital post labor. Whether it’s a natural birth or c-section, growing and carrying a baby is hard work and push presents are a  thoughtful way to acknowledge this.

We have created a list of the top 5 push presents, all of them sparkle and are individually handmade in Australia.

Diamond Wrap Ring
  1. Diamond Wrap Ring
Diamonds are a girl's best friend and you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous, diamond ring of shimmering diamonds. Armans Fine Jewellery’s Wrap Diamond Ring is enduringly classic, decorated with round brilliant cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 1.7ct. This style is available in 18ct Rose Gold, White Gold or Yellow Gold.
Tennis Necklace
  1. Tennis Necklace

It’s easy to see why a tennis necklace is a crowd favourite. This elegant, yet timeless piece is perfect for an everyday layered look or on it’s own as a statement piece. 

You can choose from the exquisite and traditional 43 cm Tapered Tennis Necklace available in 4ct, 5ct, 8.5ct or 17.68ct diamonds, or the timeless 43cm Uniform Tennis Necklace available 3ct, 5ct or 8.5ct diamonds.

Stephanie Round Eternity Band
  1. Stephanie Eternity Band

A diamond ring is a versatile push present that will take her breath away. 

Eternity bands are commonly known as a gift to celebrate a special milestone. Traditionally, eternity bands were designed to be gifted as anniversary presents to commemorate 10-50 years of marriage. In recent years, there has been a shift in this stigma and we have seen a rise in popularity to gift eternity rings as push presents to celebrate the birth of a new baby. 

Shop our Stephanie Round Eternity Band online today.

Tennis Bracelet
  1. Tennis Bracelet
A diamond tennis bracelet is a timeless classic, made up of small diamonds, set in either a prong or bezel, joined to the other by a fine and flexible chain.
At Armans Fine Jewellery you can opt for a highly traditional style like the 4-Prong Tennis Bracelet or the Emerald Diamond Tennis Bracelet. You can also choose a more modern and unique style like the Petite Diamond Tennis Bracelet or the Hybrid Diamond Tennis Bracelet.
Golden Twist Diamond Huggies
  1. Golden Twist Diamond Huggies

Gift her something special that she can dress up or dress down with Armans Fine Jewellery’s Golden Twist Diamond Huggies.
Diamond earrings are always a safe bet when it comes to gifting diamonds. Whether she’s into drops, hoops, huggies or studs, Armans Fine Jewellery has a wide range available online.

So if your partner or family member is going to deliver what is likely the greatest, most priceless gift of your life, a baby,  it’s time to start thinking about a push present. We can guarantee that a gift from Armans is the second best gift she’ll receive!

Bringing new life into the world is amazing, so treat her to something she’ll never forget. Armans Fine Jewellery has a wide range of gift ideas, in both classic and modern styles. We invite you to book an appointment at our Sydney boutique or call us on (02) 9233 8633.

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