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Birthstone Showcase - Peridot

Birthstone Showcase - Peridot

Peridots are the birthstone for August. this gemstone radiates a brilliant greenish-yellow hue regardless of the time of day. Known as the “gem of the sun” among the ancient Egyptians, peridots are not only the birthstone for August, but also for 15-year wedding anniversary celebrations.

Peridots are formed deep within the Earth’s mantle and can be mined on the surface from volcanic eruptions. Some meteorites have been found to contain these gemstones, too. These, along with diamonds, are the only gems not formed in the Earth’s crust.

It is unclear where the origin of the name “Peridot” comes from. Some believe it is derived from the Arabic word “faridat” which means “gem” while others say it comes from the Greek word “peridona” meaning, “giving plenty.”

Modern analysis of this gem reveals that unlike other coloured stones, the green shade is entirely naturally formed from the mineral itself and not due to trace elements like other gemstones. Although its hue may vary, this gem only comes in one colour.

Peridots are sourced mainly from a reservation in Arizona, but findings in China, Afghanistan and Pakistan have added significant contributions to the understanding and availability of this gem.

Many ancient people believed that this stone would keep away darkness, mainly because the composition of this gem allows it to shine even under artificial light. This quality is the reason why a peridot is also often called “the evening emerald.”

It is said that these stones were mined as far back as 1500 B.C. and were often confused with emeralds. Cleopatra is said to have loved these gems and most of her emerald collection were actually peridots.

A peridot is best set in yellow gold. The boldness of the greenish-yellow contrasted against the gold creates a sophisticated and classic look. These particular gems are a popular choice for earrings and necklaces because of their striking features.

Peridots are also available as show-stopping centrepieces for engagement rings. For those who want something a little less conventional, this “stone of the sun” adds a fiery twist to rings.

A peridot works well with a pear shape cut. The green evokes natural, earthy vibes which complements the shape—although brilliant round and emerald cut are also popular.

There is nothing significant about the hardness of this gem. It ranks at 6-7.5 which is not super impressive like diamonds. Master jewellers will cut and shape peridots so that what they lack in strength makes up in beauty and setting. This literal out-of-this world gemstone makes a unique setting for your jewellery. With its various and shifting hues, it can be quite mesmerising.

If you are after a different centre stone or perhaps a custom-made peridot jewellery piece, Armans can help. Our diamond experts are familiar with exotic coloured gemstones. We especially recommend that coloured gemstones are used to complement diamonds. The clear diamond, combined with a coloured stone, can be the ultimate expression of someone’s personality or a couple’s relationship.

Whether you want to commemorate your birth month or your 15th wedding anniversary, visit our boutique in Sydney CBD. Talk with our master jewellers about how we can help you obtain a bespoke and personal jewellery item in person today or call us at 02 9233 8633.

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